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could you be my alter-ego? [entries|friends|calendar]
the trishinator.

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importanto [04 Feb 2005|09:14pm]




boardum.. or boardom.. or maybe it's neither one [29 Jan 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | blah ]

eh. i'm really bored so i figured i would post something or another on here. i didn't do anything today besides wake up at noon and play the sims2 until like, 30 minutes ago. it's a flippin awesome game, i highly reccomend.

oh yeah, did i post on here that i got an mp3 player? well i did. lmao. it's nice. i've got like 23 songs on it and way more space to fill up. here's the play list:

1/ Dancing With Myself - Blink 182
2/ True - Ryan Cabrera
3/ Mouth Like A Magazine - Showbread
4/ Freakish - Saves The Day
5/ Marvelous Things - Eisley
6/ Brain Stew - Green Day
7/ Pain - Jimmy Eat World
8/ Forward Motion - Relient K
9/ Live From The Red Carpet - The Goodwill
10/ Yea, You're A Lonestar - The Goodwill
11/ Almost - Bowling For Soup
12/ Trogdor The Burninator - Strongbad (freakin hillarious, i suggest checkin out the flash movie)
13/ Say It Ain't So - Weezer
14/ Only Ashes - Something Corporate
15/ Hit Me Baby One More Time - New Found Glory
16/ Somewhere Over The Rainbow - New Found Glory
17/ The Hardest Button To Button (Live) - The White Stripes
18/ Me And The Moon - Something Coporate
19/ Loose Lips Sink Ships - Tyler Read
20/ Sleeping Bags And Zip-Ties - Emma
21/ The Ending Is All That Matters - Tyler Read
22/ I Am Just A Simple Peter Parker - Cut Above
23/ Tear My World Apart - Greeley Estates

It's quite the great playlist. Seriously. Now I feel like plugging bands, rotf. You should check out these bands on purevolume and tell me what you think.. right.. here we go.. wahoo..


Trogdor The Burninator

Right. I'm done.

i'm so nice to my sister rotf;

you laugh at me because i am funny, I laugh at you because you are ugly says:
dad made somee more soup

&;trish. x. if we carry on this way, we'll be like this forever x. says:
your font reminds me of throw up.

&;trish. x. if we carry on this way, we'll be like this forever x. says:
is it that smelly soup?

you laugh at me because i am funny, I laugh at you because you are ugly says:

... question : straylight run .. or ... taking back sunday ?


i dont feel good at all. [28 Jan 2005|06:33pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

oh wow, i feel like crap. seriously, i haven't felt this bad in an insanly long time. i also hurt my toe :X

anyway, not much has been going on with me at all. i've been very very bored ever since kirby went on vacation. he needs to get his bottom back here. i miss him a lot.

errr, i have an A- in Pre Algebra. that's great.

i think im gonna go now, i don't feel good.

.. after i get done downloading these songs off of purevolume lmao

OH, lookie lookie.

Now you do it, fool.

<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b> <*/font>
Remove the *'s.
Replace "Your username" with your username.
See what colour you are.

I got that from girlcalledxkill


64 + 64 = 128 [23 Jan 2005|12:36pm]
[ mood | blank ]

hey kids, i'm getting ready to go to best buy right now to buy an insane graphics card for my computer at home so i can finally play the sims 2. wahoo!!

well, kirby went on vacation thursday so wednesday i went to church with him, it was a lot of fun. apparently, though, miss katie has called me a slut for some unknown reason. she's a freaking loser. also alecia is making things up about when i said "i don't care anymore, i bought jon hair dye". she says that i said "i don't care if your grandma died, i'm sitting up front." so, of course, i called her and shes like "YOU DID SAY THAT, ASK JON!" obviously, i can't ask jon; he wasn't in the car. if your going to be a liar, why not be a good one? this happened on new year's eve and she insists that jon is mad at me but 2 weekends ago when i went to katies house and they wouldn't let me in he called alecia and freaking yelled at her. i highly doubt he's mad at me. i really don't know what katie & alecia's problems are; i didn't do anything to them. maria is the only one that isn't being retarded right now. i guess i really know who my friends are. if they apologize i guess i'll accept it but i'm not gonna pal around with them anymore.

last night kristina & justyna stayed the night with me. we watched thirteen and traded clothes lmao. i have justynas really rad dress and she has my pink studded belt and my sanford & son shirt. kristina was wearing my pink converse but i really enjoy those so i had to take those back before she left, lmfao. it was odd though because all of our names rhyme (kristina, justyna, trishina) and everytime my mom would yell for me justyna & kristina would think someone was yelling for them. how fun.

i guess i should end this blog on a high note, so, here it goes: hobie got braces. at least someone is gonna have some benifit out of this crappy week.


going out to look for trouble tonight with her jet black hair and ruby eyes [16 Jan 2005|06:09pm]
[ mood | content ]

well, i tried to update my livejournal on friday but i guess there was some kind of power loss. but it's working now, so yippie.

last night kirby, me, jon, titus, the two hannahs, hobie and vanessa went to the movies. we saw oceans 12. i didn't understand it at all so i thought it sucked really bad, so did jon. anyway, before the movie we hung out in titus garage. his garage is really cool, its got this green theme going on. yeah but basically kirby jon & titus just played in the garage forever and me & vanessa made fun of kids. vanessa got this letter from one of her friends and it was the weirdest letter ever. it said stuff like "my floor smells like mud, my hot chocolate is cold, and these jeans are a size 6." Right.. it was a really fun time. i got an mp3 player and we hooked it up in kirbys car through the stereo and jon was singing ryan cabrera. lmao. he was also freestyle rapping, it was hillarious.

today i didn't really do anything. i got my newer computer at my house so i was taking out the ram off my old one and i put it in my new one and it works really good. i installed the sims2 on my new computer but i still have to buy a new graphics card for it so, im gonna have to go buy another one of those *sigh*

I got my haircut. It's really cool. I guess. Yeah. i like it. I'll have to take pictures and add them to my onfinite account.

Supposedly, I'm getting internet at my home really soon, so maybe I'll be on more.

Ian Peak was at Scholar Bowl against us the other day. Who knew a kid from a band called "DUMB cartoon" could be so smart.

Ian Peak has a fro.

Katies Camera Phone Broke Again.


[EDIT] I just realized that Kirby goes on vacation in like 4 days. What the heck am I gonna do until like, Feb.5th *heavy sigh* </3>[/EDIT]</b>


Hey people [19 Dec 2004|09:52pm]
[ mood | calm ]

New photographs & some old ones! http://heartcore_.onfinite.com/album/103118/
have fun with that, k?

well it's been a very very nice weekend. on friday kirby came over and we watched muppets from space and then jon came over and tried to molest kirby. yes, then we went to the basketball game to watch jon play (I JINXED HIM LMFAO). during the game though, kirby, ham, and myself decided to go to walmart to buy a dancing chicken. THERE WAS NO DANCING CHICKENS! but anyhow, that was basically it.

then last night (saturday) me jon, and kirby went to vanessas house to have a christmas party. that ate the pants off of me. we made gingerbread houses and hobie said that mine was gonna fall down.. AND IT DID. it was so funny i laughed my face off. um then jon brought in his xbox and they played halo while me, titus, kirby, rachel, and vanessa talked on her amazing sofa. then it was time to leave and kirbys dad wouldn't let kirby take me home so vanessa's mom had to. her mom rocks but she is VERY TALKATIVE jon and me were craking up the whole time at her, she's really sweet though.

um yeah so yeah. that's basically it. didn't really do nothing today, obviously. talked on the phone for a while, made fun of jon, laughed my face off. helped kirby fix his comptuer, ect. ect. talked about kirbys show on thursday. me and hammy wammy are going. we're stoked. not really. just kind of.

im not very exicted for christmas.

deck the halls, bitches.


my birthday rules you. [12 Dec 2004|01:19pm]
[ mood | calm ]

my birthday was yesterday, i'm the big 15 now baby. haha. it was great. at one kirby, jon, hobie, katie, ham, & vanessa came over to my new place and we had cake. then we went to the mall and i bought me, jon, and kirby "rock the arts" bracelets from hottopic, everyone should get those, they're for a good cause. then at old navy i got kim her christmas present then for christmas i got katie, ham, & kirby scarfs. they're hot. i got the thursday cd, the killers cd, and modest mouse. I really wanted Muse instead of modest mouse but I couldn't find it so oh well. i also got a fall out boy shirt. ham got me the muppets from space dvd, katie got me a new nfg shirt :-D jon got me a westmont cd and gave me his drumsticks lmao, and kirby paid for me to see Skuf & The Wedding.

That concert rocked too!! It was Skuf, The Wedding, John Davis, & The O.C. Supertones. THE SUPERTONES SUCKED. Skuf & The Wedding was the highlight. I fell asleep during John Davis. Yes, lmao. It is possible to fall asleep during a concert. Yeah but we had all kinds of random fun. Jon got the wedding's cd, it's really rad. He's gonna let me borrow it sometime.

oh yes and let's not forget the incredible highlight of my birthday.. kirby asked me out :-D we're dating now. haha.

anyway, i jammed my finger in pe by playing basketball and it's very very brusied and it was very very swolen last night but that's kind of went down but it still hurts very much when i type, therefore im out.

also, i don't understand why no one comments on my LJ. If i sign onto MSN i get tons of IMs saying "whats up with you, i miss you" and whatnot but no one reads this. Blah. :-x

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5 days. [06 Dec 2004|07:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I feel like a jerk. It's five days until my birthday and I'm going out with my friends. First we're gonna see my new trailer (ITS LIKE A DOUBLE WIDE WOOHOO) because I finally have everything moved in, then we're gonna go to Pizza Hut, then to a concert in Marion. I feel like a jerk because these girls from Cobden are going and I haven't met them before but when I read Alecia's email they sounded like teenyboppers for Westmont. When I say Westmont I mean Kirby & Jon particullary. I hate people like that. Alecia used to be like that and sometimes she still is :( I <3 her though, so it's okay. I just feel jerkish because I'm making judgements on people I don't know.

ANYHOW, I had the best conversation of my life today. You see, last saturday's concert was so freaking rad, right? So after that I guess Kirby & Alecia got on the internet and Alecia found out that Kirby likes me. As in, "Hey i wanna date you" like you not like "You're my best pal" like. LOL. Anyhow, so after several days of trying to call Kirby he finally answers his phone. We start talking and then I finally say "Well Alecia told me that you like me and I wanted to tell you that I like you too" and he's like "THATS AWESOME" lmao. But, we're not dating or anything. Yet. You see, his dad is sick so he had to take him somewhere or something and he needs me to call him back at 10. So we can "talk some more" as he said. I'm so freaking exicted. He's paying for me to get into the concert as well. IM REALLY EXICTEDDDDDDDDDDDDD! HAHAH.

On another note, I'm at my grannys right now. I don't think I'm getting internet back on my computer because we're just gonna get a cell phone with that unlimited minutes in southern illinois plan. Which rocks my ocean because if we got a regular phone it would be long distance to call Kirby. So, yeah. I gotta close my personal site or something. But I'll still post on LJ as much as I can.

Um, what else? Well last night at church we had this dinner thing and then after we got done eating Katie & Ham started being very rowdy. lmao, rowdy. But they were getting on my nerves kind of because I didn't feel to hot. So Jon came and got me. It was really funny because he's like "that was the most embarrassing thing in my life, i had to go in the gas station and pay for gas in nickles and dimes" LOL. It was great. Ham says we need to become offical members of the church. I don't understand that though. I always thought that if you attended a church faithfully then you were a member of it. I didn't think you needed to be all "offical". I think that's really dumb. I'm probably just gonna go and not worry about becoming a member. Seriously, Ham's went there for 3 years. If that's not a member then I don't know what is. Bleh.

Well, I think that's all. Everyone should totally comment. LOL. Nobody ever comments on my LJ. I really gotta get some FTP client on this computer to get my site closed.... I think that's all. Now I'll leave you with a great quote from Kirby..

"We're also working on getting a bigger and better website, cuz this server is about as dumb as Good Charlotte!"

Haha. Sorry TIMMY! LMAO!


it's back. [30 Nov 2004|01:30am]
[ mood | restless ]

Yes, I did delete my journal for awhile. Amazingly, lots of people were asking me where it was. I wasn't aware people actually read this thing.

So, we bought this trailer. We're moving our crap into it this weekend. On saturday. So until then theres nothing in the trailer but I've gotta stay in it. hah, I'm at my granny's right now. I haven't started school yet. I'm not starting until Wed. Yeah, so you know, I might not be on the computer for awhile anyway. Im thinking of pulling the ax on my site and just keeping an lj. I think I like it better. Less complicated.

Ahh, so I went to my concert on saturday!! It was so much freaking fun. We went to Kirby's granny's house for a tad then went and picked up this Vanessa chick (shes okay) and then went to Kirby's house and hung out in his basement. His basement owns me. Seriously. Then we went upstairs and watched his SOCO dvd because he was at that concert. Yeah it was fun. He has a remote control fire place and it lit up and I asked him where the fire came from and he thought for a mintue and said "that fire came straight from hell" ROTF. Yeah, then Jon told me my foot was on fire lmao, then like 5 mins after that Kirby and Jon are wispering about lighting my feet on fire rotf. Yeah, so that was that. I kind of fell asleep too. Yeah. Um.. then we went to CVS to get Vanessa some ear plugs. Ham was being very retarded in CVS. Haha.

Uh, yeah so at the concert Alecia thought me and Kirby were holding hands and then this chick walks up to us and asks "Kirby, is that your girlfriend" and he's like "Thats what the rumor is" LOL!!! So then later Ham is all touching me like a retard and Kirby goes "DONT TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND LIKE THAT!" It was so funny. Yeah. Good good times.

I got an email from Kirby today. It was odd but it made my day. I called him and we talked about like, mac & cheese, gas pumping, my birthday, ect. Then I called Katie & Ham. I think Katie wants us all to go bowling on Friday.

Anyway, about my health. LMAO! I got some scratches from me & Kirby playing in McDonalds playland (ROTF) then Jon elbowed me in the stomach at the concert while he was dancing. My legs did hurt but they're better now. But I am getting sick. Or sickly as Kirby says. I started coughing and hes like "i told you, you was getting sick". Shove it. LMAO! jk.


Well that was a long retarded blog. Cya later.

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Changes.. [23 Nov 2004|10:07pm]
Yes, over half of my journal entries have disappered! I made them "Private" you know, for my eyes only. I don't know why. I just felt like it.. Anyway, I fixed my comment thingy and it's rad now. Yes, RAD. I'm gonna fix the style of the LJ and everything too.

Um, so SATURDAY I'm going to the CRIMSON ADDICT CD REALEASE PARTY/CONCERT. I'm going with my new main homeslice Kirby. Haha. I've been hagining around with him a lot lately. My mom thinks I'm dating him. I'm not. I don't understand why I can't ever have any friends. Bleh. Anyway, I'm really excited. But I'm really upset. Ham & Katie & Ethan are going to see freaking MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, AND THE USED on dec. 3 and I dont know if i'm gonna get to go. I could almost bet money that I won't just because of the distance. I really should talk to my grandma or something. I tried to talk to my mom but she just fell asleep.. whatever. haha. I don't know when we're moving back into my trailer so I really haven't said anything to anyone besides Kirby because he's the only one that doesn't run his mouth *pokes the ham* but I kind of hope it's soon. I mean, I really do like most of the people I've met but I really don't fit in or anything and plus, I really really really really miss my friends & family. Oh boy i do.

If I go to that concert I would have to serve saturday school and probably a few more MALL(s). I don't care though. MCR, TBS, & The Used is well worth it. This school system is screwed up anyway.... maybe they'll expell me. That would be rad. Yes, RAD.

Yeah, well, I'm kind of supposed to be in bed right now but I don't really feel like it. So peace out and Merry Thanksgiving to all!

weekend in review [24 Oct 2004|05:52pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

I had a really rad weekend with my pals. Let's review.

On Friday night I was supposed to stay the night with Katie and do that street thing on saturday but around midnight on Friday my ears hurt so bad that I had to come back to my grannys and it rained on saturday and that wouldn't have been good for my ears so I didn't do that either.

But on Saturday Me, Granny, Grandpa, and my cousin Chase went up to Carbondale to go run some arrends and for me to go to the mall. Anyway, after we got to Carbondale I got a call from the Ham saying that her, katie, kirby, and jon was gonna go to the mall. So I asked my granny if I was ok if I hung out with them there and so that's what i did. We went to Pac Sun , Hottopic, and Gamestop. Kirby went with Jon into Hollister. After that Kirby gave us a ride home. I had to have Kirby stop at Dairy Queen because I had to pee. I got jon some ice cream though so it was ok. Lacy W. was working at Dairy Queen and shes like "I know you! Where do you live?" and I'm thinking "whoa.." lol. Anyhow after that Kirby & Jon went to this Bonfire (I couldn't go because I'd get my hives) so me & katie & the ham stayed at Katies for the rest of the night. Oh at the mall I got a shirt and a pair of pants from Pac Sun and a shirt at Hottopic. Jon got a shirt at hollister and wore it into the dairy queen and didn't realize it still had the tags on it lol. I also went to Best Buy and got 2 cds. NFG's "From The Screen To Your Stereo" and NFG's self titled cd. Woo hoo. I only need "It's all about the girls" and I'm set :-D Try to be exicited for me, lol.

Today we went to church this morning and had a great time because Maria had to do this thing for the fifth sunday next sunday and it was so funny watching her do it because it's kind of like a play. After chruch we went to subway then back to katies to hang out and get on the net. Umm we called Kirby to see if he wanted to do this conference thing with us tonight but he couldn't go because his room was dirty and i couldn't go either. Yeah. So, I talked to Kirby on the phone while he was in his car looking for my eyeliner. Lol. It was funny. Nothing tops when Kirby told me "Jon bought me this ugly shirt at hollister" I almost died dude. It was funny, or when kirby immiates billy from the school of rock and says "you're tacky and i hate you". Uh yeah, we're gonna go to the movies next time I'm down.

That's about all. i have to leave tonight so back to the library. i'm gonna beg to get my internet back at my house. wish me luck. i also took some more pictures and put them in this online album.
http://heartcore_.onfinite.com/album/103118/ ta-da.

Anyone else seen the GTA TV commerical "I'm getting jacked! I'm getting jacked!" it was soo funny. Almost as funny as when my sister was playing GTA and got jacked and said "YO some homeyz jackin me fo my ride" lmao.

:( I don't wanna leave.


hello mr.devil, i like your cape. [05 Oct 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | cold ]

howdy hey yo. i did some projects today.. firstly, i did my geography report. I had to pick between cities in the south. My grand choices were : Savannah, Georgia, Coral Springs, Florida (NFG LOL), anddd Sumter, South Carolina. I had to do little segments on each of them. Despite NFG being from the big CS, I'd rather live in Sumter, SC.

This is ridclous. Let's count how many times I've heard Eminems new song. I like it though. It cracks me up.

- Twice on MTV this morning
- Twice at school when working on my CAREER project
- Once right here at the library when the dude sitting next to me played it.

5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time-s baybee. Crazyness, eh? Have you seen the Fairly Oddparents when they go to Canada? I love that one. "POOF - EH?" LOL.

Timmmmmmmmmmmmy. Emailed. Me. I got exicted. It was in my junk mail. I read the mail. It was a line long. Very heartfelt. I emailed him many lines back.
- yay.

Oh, about that career project. I picked fashion designer. whippidydingdong.

Well, I gotta walk home. I think I might rent a library book --err check out one. Oh, I made up a goood one liner the other day when I was goofing off. The question was "What accidents have you expierenced" and I'm like "Birth" lolll. Maybe I'm getting my touch back :-D.

Also, I'm writing a book. It's better than anything I've wrote before. Its in the style of a Laurie Halse Anderson book (EVERYONE READ SPEAK BY HER AND THEN CATALYST -- THEY ROCK) but it's kinda based on me. Maybee one day I'll post the first set of chapters, They're not like "Chapter 1" like that, its like this

1.0 { title hurr
1.2 { blah blah

Get it? Goes up to *.5 and then changes to the next number. I rock, righht.


oh boy shake that thang.

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I'm still alive.. kind of. [30 Sep 2004|05:24pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hey people.
If you haven't guessed it, my internet got shut off. We're not getting it back anytime soon which means no MSN or AIM or anything. I can update my LJ here at the libary and check my emails but that's about it. All my pals should email me, lol. ohsaysay_@hotmail.com I'm not using yahoo anymore, it was basically for site email.

Here's how I'm doing. I'm ok. Not good, Not too bad. Just ok. I mean, everything does still really suck but i think I've learned to handle it. But, it really does suck. My grades are still bad and they're probably not gonna get any better beacause I really don't care about anything anymore and that's really sad, but what can I do? I feel really crappy about serious things all the time so why should I worry about doing my algebra homework or anything else? Who cares what z+10 equals anyway.

I applied to be a mentor at the youth center yesterday just so i wouldn't be bored all the time. There's a metting for it tonight at 7. I'm really nervous about going. I saw someone else filling out a form so I know I'm not the only new one but still, she could know everyone in that youth center and not have to worry about anything. But, I guess, going to a youth center and sitting by myself during a meeting can't be any worse than doing it all day at school, so I press on.

My big CD player broke yesterday. The laser is burnt out of it. It happened to my portable awhile back. I got a new portable though. The lasers always burn out of my stuff. Maybe it's a message to not buy so many cds and buy more clothes, which i have less and less of everyday. I need to lose weight or get a gift certificate.

S-V homecoming is saturday, the homecoming here is friday. I'm not going to the one here and I can't go to the one at home. If i was at home I probably could have been the homecoming princess. People like me. Bleh. Who cares though? It just would have been fun.

Um, so I guess that's really all. I'm gonna go. Everyone email me if you really <3 me. xxx.


midterms anyone? [15 Sep 2004|03:52pm]
[ mood | bored ]

These are the worst grades I've ever gotten in my life. I mean, I seriously used to be a pretty good student. I made A's & B's besides the C i ALWAYS had in Math since 6th grade. Now.. it's just.. I.. I'm a fucking retard. Here's the grades --

Algebra - F
Geography - D+
Keyboarding - B
Study Hall - No Credit
Reading Class - Passing + (thats like, an A)
English (which is actually LITERATURE not VERBS AND STUFF this school is messed up) -B+
Biology - B

Whatever. School just sucks anyways, I don't really have any friends anymore. Seriously, just people that sit with me at lunch and that is completly all. I never see them after it. :-/ However, I actually held a good conversation with a girl that is kind of like me today. By saying "kind of" I mean like with family situations and junk. Man, I really really need a friend and a big ole' calling card. I really gotta talk to Maria (The Ham). I miss all of my friends way to much. I see oppertunities everyday to joke about someone or something but it just doesn't feel right without them there. There are so many things I could joke with Keith about but hey, whatever right? Nobody knows how I really feel because as long as I go to school everyday and don't put up a fight, cry, or say how horrible I really do feel then my mom is satisfied. She feels like this move was the best thing for us and she thinks I'm truly getting better. I'm not. Some things don't get better, They get worse. If they shut off this internet then I really don't have anyone. I can talk to Katie about anything at all and I can talk to my offline friend Maria about anything at all. But, I can't call Maria everyday (I barely get to ever speak with her now) and if I can't type in this diary or talk to Katie or ALL of my online friends everyday, I think I will go insane. I really do feel insane.. It's like.. All these kids at school, they don't know me but I know a lot about them and it's because I pay attention to detail like no other. So it's like they're sitting there talking about stuff and I'm evasdropping just because I can and they don't know it and they're really talking about stuff I could talk about but I don't. Because I'm afriad. Or possibly because I'm not supposed to be here in the first place. I think about things differently then the normal 14 yr olds. When I do something I really really think about it and how it would affect me and EVERYONE ELSE. I had a plan for my highschool life and now it's all shot. I feel like my life has been pulled from under me. I don't really know who I am anymore and It really really sucks. I don't really know what to do. I never thought something like this would happen to me. And you know what? It wouldn't have if we had a better President. If the President would make jobs, I would have never had to given up what chance at a life I had. I just don't feel like myself anymore. It sucks.

Anyway, I think I'll get back on later because right now I want to play GTA3 or maybe my Mortal Kombat 3 on my Super NES. Oh yeah, my cousin Lacy got a regular NES. I really <3 Super Mario 3 on it. Heh. Heh.

Go on just say it, You need me like a bad habit. </align>

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yo yo yo yo yo [04 Aug 2004|02:29am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so yah, i'm posting beacause i'm totally bored. we rented some video games tonight, wwe crush hour & grand theft auto 3. crush hour is awesome, i <3 it. gta3 is ok aswell. i really wanted to get celebrity deathmatch but it was already rented for the night. bleh. they're one week rentals so hopefully cd will be back when i return the items.

blah. boredommmm.. maybe i'll add those affs to my nfg site. meh.

or maybe.. nah..

this grape sucker is really good. its a pacifier sucker. <3

heres a quiz thingy from tim. i dunno how to link lj names, so uh, yeah. he's timl

1) Using your Current Initials, choose a different name for yourself.

Trishelle (oh yes very different i know.. but trishelle is such a cool name) Jade? LMAO cool.
Actually I'd just name my self Peach. LOL.

2) Outside of your era, when would you want to be born and why?

The 80's. I want big hair. lmao.

3) If you ran a store, what would you sell/have?

Clothes that I made myself.

4) What part in a movie would you love to play?

Physco lady, cool-psycho person, or a really hot person like i am. lmao

5) In your opinion, why do people suck?

They were born that way? who knows.

6) If you had your own state, what would you put on your new quarter?

The middle finger.

7) What's the oldest article of clothing you own?

Actually.. its gotta be.. my good charlotte shirt or my nfg shirt.

8) What piece of furniture have you replaced the most?


9) What instrument do you wish you could be more than great at?

*Ahem* Bass!

10) Record, Tape or CD?


12) What's the best part of your favorite movie?

Hmm.. ah.. when brittany goes "ill never telll"

13) What do you think is the most over-rated candy ever?

Bon Bons.

14) If you were writing out your will, who would you give your CD collection to?

It's going in my grave with me. LOL jk.. um.. probably The Ham.

18) What do you collect?

GONZO STUFF & NFG STUFF & cool junk.

19) What is broken that you have, that you wish was fixed?

My evolution poster that makayla tore up.

20) What do you do when you're home sick?

Tv, net, junk. Um.. basically stuff i do when im un-sick.

21) Why does this survey rock?

Beacause I stole it from tim? lmao

22) Story behind your username?

"when it comes down to money, he's a jew, im a jew too but..he's telling me like (in a different voice) you
gotta take that money and you gotta.. pay off all your bills with that money"- jordan (about steve)
"i'm a jew, hello" - steve
"(lifting up his sleeve showing a flame tattoo) this is my name in hewbrew." - steve
"yeah see that? flames cuz im hardcore" - steve
"whatd ya say? flames hardcore?" -jordan

TEE. Da.. DEE.
23) Current Favorite Article of Clothing?


24) Line from the last thing you wrote to someone?

p1nkx3y3shad0w: oh yes. its totally insane though

25) A famous person you have met?

Myself. LOL no. Um.. nobody :(

26) Favorite way to waste time?

Internet. Video Games. Junk.

27) Last thing you bought yourself?

Video game rental


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